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Near the lake

While I was lying on one of the piles of dry pine-leaves, which wasn’t comfortable because it felt like a bunch of needles, I could gaze up at enormous pine trees covered at their feet with many mushrooms and with very green moss. At their tops there were big black birds watching straight at me with their little eyes. The trees looked like they were aligned, as if they were points of an imaginary mesh. They were very close like soldiers in rows. As a consequence, the wood was overshadowed and fresh. The air could barely pass through the trees. The fragrance it carried was delightful. The sound of the birds singing, the smell of the air and the stillness, made the environment relaxing, pure and captivating, like an enchanted forest near the lake. I was there just because I needed to run away from the heat of the summer as much as my mother heartily wished to get out of the stressful city. My first idea was to go to Patzcuaro Lake for the simple reason that I like the way my emotions flow when I am lying in that little forest next to the border of the lake. Emotions like homesickness, relaxation and a kind of happiness are mixed up. Near the lake, I find myself having deep thoughts. I find myself dreaming about freedom.


Music is all around


Music always makes people smile,

so she was so happy she had a really big smile.

She had the music with the volume on the top

on the TV, on the stereo and on her laptop.

She was dancing and singing aloud,

with the music in the house, with the music all around.

The major pleasure

Sweat is all over my body. I feel a strong lack of air and my legs ache but finally I succeeded. I spent two hours jumping, breaking and spinning but I achieved another five golden stars. What I can say? This game is awesome. It has done more for my health than walk from my house to school and return under the awful heat of the sun. The terrible heat that only made me feel dazed and exhausted in a short time. However, playing this game I can dance and do exercise at the same time I hear my favorite songs without burn my skin or expose myself to a heat beat. I feel I can travel in a fantasy land with nice music as a soundtrack. I deliver myself completely to the ecstasy.

Waking up late

here A strong knock at the door woke me up. Suddenly it opened and appeared an increasingly less chubby girl with many disordered springs pending from her head, it was M’s hair.”Big sis, give me some money because I don’t have enough.” she demanded with her common boring voice.

When I was trying to understand what she have said, I was looking for the cellphone to know what was the time. I peeled my eyes when I noticed how late it was. I had fallen asleep so deeply that I had not been able to wake up when the TV turned on. Luckily, I did not have to drive M to that far place. She was going to go with her other sister, the one who owns a car. I get dress really fast but, even though I hurried up, I got very late to my favorite class: the writing course.

About multiple drafts

It is awesome how I can rewrite and make up my stories. Every new draft is like to begin with a multiple variety of possibilities. A whole new world of ideas is opened in my mind. Moreover, every time I arrange my story I feel proud of the way it results.

However, rewriting never ends since always are new things to add in the story and, if i were a perfectionist, it would be a nightmare keeping writing to improve it. I would never finish.

The Rules

This blog is made for academic purposes so there are some rules for the comments you are going to leave, as for the posts that I am going to write:

1. Do not write your last name or your personal information. For your ID I accept only your name.

2. The comments you are going to leave are only for feedback. Do not be rude and do not use sarcasm, be encouraging and respectful instead.

3. The content must be substantial. Avoid to say  silly stuff . Keep on topic. The blog editor can  delete any comments that he or she considers innapropiated.

If you think I am missing any important rule, please feedback.

I am looking forward to beggining a blog. I believe this is going to be a very good chance to express my feelings, my doubts or whatever I can say about academic writings.

I am a begginer so be kind and please leave a comment for feedback.